“Parliamentary Health” stresses the need to control violating plastic surgeries

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publish date 2023-05-10 15:30:27

The head of the Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee, Dr. Firas Al-Qudah, stressed the need to control the violating cosmetic procedures that are widespread in the Kingdom, and to increase the penalties for those who violate the instructions and regulations in force.

He said, while chairing a meeting of the committee today, Wednesday, to discuss the issue of plastic surgery, that there is a large spread of plastic surgery through social media in the Kingdom, pointing to the danger of its practice by unqualified people, which leads to harmful mistakes.

The judges stressed the importance of increasing the penalty for anyone who practices plastic surgery and does not hold a license in this field.

On the other hand, the judges stressed the need to address the shortage of medicines in government hospitals, and work to expedite the end of this file in order to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

The meeting was attended by the two Secretary-Generals of the Ministry of Health for Administrative and Technical Affairs, Dr. Ilham Khreisat, and for Epidemiological and Communicable Diseases Affairs, Dr. Raed Al-Shaboul, and the Secretary-General of the Medical Council, Muhammad Al-Abdallat, and the President of the Doctors Syndicate, Ziyad Al-Zoubi.

In turn, the deputies said: Hayel Ayyash, Suleiman Abu Yahya, Tayseer Krishan, Ayman Madanat, Farid Haddad, Omar Al-Naber, Aref Al-Saaida, that there are violations practiced by some doctors who are not qualified to practice plastic surgery.

They stressed the necessity of making an amendment to the legislation related to plastic surgery, calling on the General Authority for Food and Drug to take its role in monitoring the devices that are used during plastic surgery, and to tighten control over beauty centers.

For his part, Al-Abdallat said that the medical accountability law has been activated, stressing that there are many complaints that reach the Medical Council in this regard.

Al-Zoubi stressed the danger of promoting the practice of the plastic surgery profession through social networking sites, which may be false and harmful, pointing out that there is an unprecedented demand for plastic surgery.


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