If you are affected by movies and series… 4 ideas will help you avoid merging with events

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There are many, especially women, when they watch a series or a movie, they are affected by what they watch to the point that they actually impersonate the character, as was the case with the late artist Shadia in the movie “Imp My Woman”, and this caused many problems with her husband, whether with problems with his director when She assumed the role of Irma La Douce, or even when she assumed the role of Raya, and this movie was a presentation of a real problem that takes place in many homes. Dr. Salma Abu Al-Yazid, a mental health consultant, said in her interview with “The Seventh Day” that this condition results from the wife’s sometimes feeling of emptiness. And she emphasized that one of the main reasons also in this case is the husband’s preoccupation with the wife, whatever her tasks are, but the woman is always looking for love with her life partner and needs attention and love from him more than money and expenses, and this is what makes her an interference in the personality that you see on TV. And she explained that there are more solutions that help not to be affected by any scenes, including:

My wife imp

Thought control

Before watching any movie, especially that contains complex stories, you must control your thoughts and make sure that it is a fictional story and has nothing to do with you, even if there are some scenes that are similar to your life, and that is equivalent to preparing your mind to deal with anything before it enters it, whether it is good. or bad.

negative feelings
negative feelings

Be humble in your thinking

You should know that everything that appears on the screen is representation, and that artists have other lives and homes that may be less than what they live in in acting, so you must be satisfied with what you are in, with your life and with your family.


Select your goal

Before watching the movie, you must learn to watch it to enjoy it, and to get out of it with useful information that you did not know before, in order not to live the role of the actor and live his role in what he does. Keep in mind that the goal must be realistic and have a rational perspective.

Watching TV
Watching TV

know yourself

When you know yourself and define your personality and the way you like to deal with others, this is a good situation so that you are not affected by anything external. You have to understand that your emotions are entirely your responsibility. The moment you start controlling them, you will no longer feel disturbed by the actions of others.


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