Dumbness and marital boredom are one of the reasons for the separation between the spouses

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Dumbness and marital boredom are one of the most important reasons that can lead to divorce, and the emotional separation between the spouses begins from boredom and apathy in the relationship, so both parties take the approach of silence in the way of daily life and do not exchange conversations, so we find the husband returning to the house, taking a place designated to sit away from the wife and children and not He interferes in the discussion between them, and does not interfere in the events of the day and what happened throughout the day, and he rarely talks with his family members, and from here the wife feels a loss of intimacy, love and passion in Speaking, so we find her forced to limit the conversation to necessary requests only, and the couple enters the stage of marital silence without paying attention to what will happen in the future of psychological and physical separation, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, important tips to get rid of muteness and marital boredom, according to what Shaima Iraqi, a consultant, indicated. Family relations and behavior modification.

The family consultant said in her interview with “The Seventh Day”: “With the passage of time, the spouses become accustomed to the distance, and then abandonment as a result of the estrangement between them, and from here divorce cases begin as a result of not addressing the matter between them, and the accumulation of sadness and betrayal between them, and the lack of feelings of intimacy and harmony between them, as well as neglect. intentional.”

Marital mute

Tips to get rid of dumbness and boredom between spouses:

Creating an atmosphere stimulating speech by choosing a place in the house for discussion and exchange of conversations The balcony of the house is a quiet place that attracts the couple to avoid silence and gives an opportunity to exchange parties.

Choosing the right time to talk, especially if the topics can be postponed, or the wife may be able to solve problems or make a decision on household issuesTherefore, it is preferable to avoid talking about topics that require time for discussion during or waiting for matches. Nor is it preferable to wait for the husband’s return from work directly to talk about problems, and it is preferable for him to take some rest, and then the wife starts talking to him.

Do not involve the husband in matters and problems that are not related to the home, from the problems of her family or her owners and neighbors, so do not involve him in conflicts and problems and fabricate useless dialogues, which may affect the relationship between them.

Renewing the energy of the house and changing the places of furniture periodically helps to break the routine, boredom, and visual satiation of the spouses, and some candles can be used and create a romantic atmosphere to attract the spouses to each other, especially after a long day of work and the problems of children and family, so we seize any opportunity to get close in light of the husband and wife’s immersion in work Childcare.

Some gifts on special occasions for the spouses bring them closer and the feeling of interest grows between them, so both spouses must be keen to give a gift and present it to express his love and interest, and the gift does not have to be expensive.

Treatment of marital dumbness
Treatment of marital dumbness
Dumbness and marital boredom
Dumbness and marital boredom


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