Causes of domestic violence and methods of treatment.. Important tips and steps for a peaceful marital life

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There are many reasons for domestic violence that affect the form of the relationship between the spouses. The lack of agreement on the lifestyle and way of living after marriage, especially in the stage of emotional attachment and courtship, may lead to an exaggerated beautification of the relationship between the two parties. For both spouses to collide with the lack of what he was drawing in his imagination for each party, in addition to the family’s interference with its parties, including the husband’s mother and sisters, in the relationship in an exaggerated manner, especially with families who live together in one place, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, the causes of violence family, what it leads to, and methods of treatment, according to Shaima Iraqi, a consultant on family relations and behavior modification.

The family consultant said in her interview with “The Seventh Day”: “Marital problems are embodied in the form of a pyramid with a broad base. The basis is to meet the daily reserves of food and drink and meet the family’s needs. The husband’s inability to cover the family’s expenses has caused many daily disputes, especially in the case of an increase in the number of The family, and the hierarchy of problems gradually rises, so the problems of mistrust between the spouses rise at its peak, and the ceiling of expectations between the spouses comes and the illusion of a rosy life that does not touch the real life of the spouses, so that the first year of marriage is one of the most difficult years of marriage.

Tips to reduce marital problems:

Agreeing on everything related to marital life before marriage Developing a life map for the way of living and the foundations of agreement on dealing between the two partners. The success of the marital relationship between the spouses begins with the proper choice of the husband and his family, and asking well about the family’s history, their reputation, their way of life, and their dealings with those around them.

Ensure that the husband does not take narcotic substances and not become addicted, because sometimes the life partner hides his addiction, so the wife is surprised by his drug use, so the marital relationship collapses because of the husband’s addiction.

Manage the relationship well between the wife and the family and work on compatibility and harmony between them to overcome the obstacles and problems of daily life and break the psychological barrier of the wife with the husband’s family to get used to a more calm lifestyle.

The causes of family violence

causes of violence

causes of violence


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