6 steps to help you get a fresh, rosy complexion without makeup

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Every girl dreams of having naturally fresh and radiant skin without using any makeup, so that the cheeks become rosy and bright, so that the face is healthy and lively, and instead of using many skin care products, some simple tips can be done to get rosy cheeks naturally, and this is what we are reviewing In the following report, according to the site “stylecraze“.

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A healthy diet

Eating a useful and healthy meal is very important, for healthy skin, and for this a girl should not miss breakfast, because following a strict diet does not benefit health at all, and for this reason it is preferable to eat at least 4 healthy meals a day, such as breakfast, lunch and snack. and dinner.

It is possible to eat a snack for those who do not feel hungry, because exposure to hunger makes the body eat more food, and there are some things that make food give a glow to the skin:

Reducing the consumption of red meat while adding fish and chicken protein.

Add sprouts to your diet for a great source of protein.

Add low-fat milk and dairy products such as yogurt.

Healthy food

Healthy food


Exercising regularly improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and helps it appear naturally radiant, beautiful, and healthy.

an exercise

an exercise


Regular exfoliation of the face helps the skin to get rosy cheeks, and a light and gentle exfoliator should be used, while not rubbing the skin on a daily basis, in a harsh manner, and it is best to exfoliate the skin once a week only.



Skin whitening

You can get some whitening, which helps in obtaining rosy cheeks, by mixing a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 3 tablespoons of water, and using a piece of cotton, it is applied to the cheeks, which makes the skin fresh and bright.


There are some vitamins to get a natural glow, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, and a lack of vitamin E and C may lead to chapped lips or dry skin, and for this you should take capsules.

Anger management

The girl may feel some tension that reduces the natural glow, and she can try yoga and meditation, and get some rest, to reduce the level of stress and feel refreshed and the natural glow of the skin.


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