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“Aql” calls for adopting the weekly pricing of fuel

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publish date 2023-05-10 11:03:47

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Hashim Akl, an expert in the fuel sector, considered that the weekly pricing of oil derivatives is in the interest of the citizen. At the beginning of the first week of this month, there was a significant drop in fuel prices, as announced by the Ministry of Energy.

Akl said in a statement to “Al-Bawsala” that this decrease, which occurs at the beginning of the month in the first week, and then the prices rise later, deprives the citizen of benefiting from the low prices, and he has to wait and may be increases during the month that led to the erosion of the decrease that occurred.

He added, “There are cases in which a decrease occurs during the month, and therefore the citizen does not benefit from it, as the monthly pricing cannot be fair to the citizen unless he benefits from the decreases, during the month, and it is known that the oil commodity is high-risk, and we may see a drop in oil prices by $5 per day or More, and this is a large margin that leads to a large margin in prices.”

And Akl indicated that the weekly pricing is not new and is in force in some Arab countries, especially Lebanon, which suffers from political and economic problems, but it sticks to the weekly pricing that is in the interest of the citizens.

He pointed out that there is a problem that the citizen suffers from in the event of a rise in the prices of oil derivatives, and the increase in costs may be at the expense of housing, education, health and other sectors, which is reflected in the economy.

Akl advised citizens who want to buy a new vehicle to buy electric vehicles, as they are very economical, given the rise in fuel prices.


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