He is still afraid.. A Chinese man discovers a dead body under his hotel room bed

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A guest in a hotel in “Tibet” lived a terrifying experience after he discovered a foul odor in his room, which he later discovered was emanating from a corpse under his bed, according to what was published by the website. bbcLast month, a Chinese man identified as Chang decided to stay in a hotel that witnessed a strange incident.

According to Chang, after he completed the reservation procedures, he took a nap in his room, but he smelled an unpleasant smell, which he initially thought was coming from his feet, and after he washed his feet and left the room to tour a site near the hotel, Chang returned again to his room, and was surprised by the increase in the strength of the stench. on the spot, according to the New York Post.

Hotel lobby

After Chang’s insistence and his continuous request from the hotel staff to change his room, he was transferred to another room, and only a few hours passed after Chang was in his new room, only to be surprised by policemen telling him that they had found a body under his bed that he had left..

The investigators later informed Zhang of their arrest of a person related to the body that was found in his room, which the accused killed and transported to the hotel to get rid of it later, but in the end he decided to escape only, and Zhang shared his frightening story on the Chinese “Weibo” network for social communication, saying: “ I still feel scared.. I can’t sleep easily.”

Investigators took his statement and collected a DNA sample, but told him not to worry because they had already arrested a person on a train to Lanzhou. Zhang told local media that he decided to talk about the incident because the hotel denied the whole thing at first.

hotel room
hotel room


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