Body language signals help parents to check on their children during exams

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The exam period is one of the periods when parents feel most worried about their children. They want to check on them and their performance in the exam. They ask their son how was the exam? Were the questions easy or difficult? And many of this type of questions, and some children whose answers were not good resort to lying, and others try to avoid talking about the exam and give them answers that do not encourage his parents to ask him about more, and in this report we review during the next report some signs that help parents to check on their children During the examination period, according to what Muhammad Abu Hashem, a body language expert, indicated.

the smile

This is one of the most important signs that should be paid attention to, as it clearly expresses his happiness and feeling of joy What indicates that he is happy with the exam and his performance in it, but here we should notice whether the smile continues on his face throughout his talk about the exam? Or disappear quickly from his face? There is no doubt that the continuity of the smile on his face indicates its sincerity and that it stems from his heart.

His eagerness to reassure his parents

If the child is satisfied with his answers, he will quickly go to his parents in order to reassure them of his performance in the exam. He will notice his speed of speech and his mention of details in the questions. The parents will notice a clear activity on his body that expresses to the parents that he is about to fly out of happiness and joy with the answers he gave in the exam..

The speed of his responses

When exposed to the many questions from parents about the exam and its details, he answers quickly and does not stutter or slow down in responding to them with enthusiasm and happiness. His happiness appears with his answers and his sincerity in speaking to them about his answers..

His self-confidence

He shows signs of self-confidence, such as continuous eye contact with his parents, while talking to them about the exam, he does not run away from them, and he does not look at the ground in fear. His self-confidence is the biggest thing that reassures parents of his success.

Is his body open or closed to himself?

Note that after returning from the exam, does he sit with an open body? Or is he sitting alone, clasping his fingers, or embracing himself with his hands square in front of his chest? If he’s doing well, he’ll sit with his body open, and vice versa.

Children’s body language signs

The reality of the student after the exam
The reality of the student after the exam

Signs in body language that show the truth about your son in the exam
Signs in body language that show the truth about your son in the exam


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