8 important tips for maintaining ornamental plants indoors and garden in the summer

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Ornamental plants are an important part of home décor, and give it beauty and elegance. During the summer, the importance of caring for ornamental plants increases, because high temperatures and humidity can affect the growth and health of plants.

Therefore, the seventh day reviews, during the following lines, important tips for caring for ornamental girls in the summer, according to what was indicated by the agricultural expert, Muhammad Al-Ajan.

Taking care of pet girls

Important tips for maintaining ornamental plants in gardens:

– It is important to adhere to the irrigation dates and not to make the plants thirsty due to the high temperature and the length of the day

Do not irrigate directly from tap or tap water because the water contains a high percentage of chlorine. Ornamental plants do not tolerate chlorine, so we may find that there are many cases of killing plants unintentionally, but it ends because of chlorine. Irrigation pots can be filled with water and left for at least two hours before watering to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

– It is important not to irrigate the plants at noon due to the high irrigation temperature, but it is preferable to irrigate them at sunrise or late before sunset.

– It is preferable to buy nutritious fertilizers from reliable sources due to the abundance of foliar fertilizer cheating, and always pay attention to fertilizing the crops by irrigating with a source of phosphorous to increase the flowering rate in the garden.

– Periodic follow-up inside the garden due to the spread of agricultural pests in the summer such as (thrips, white fly, spider and cutworm).

– The use of insecticides that contain strong effective substances and are authorized to be used to eliminate beneficial insects, such as chlorine pervose and acetamberd.

Paying attention to fertilizing plants with potassium to obtain high quality flowers and stunning colors

– Always pay attention to trimming the growths on the bush and the cankers on the side branches to increase branching and increase the vegetative and flowering total.

Ornamental plant and care methods

Ornamental plant and care methods

decoration plants
decoration plants


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