Simple steps to make a light daytime makeup that is suitable for the university in the summer

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Many girls cannot go out without makeup, whether during the day or at night, in addition to that makeup is a way to cover skin problems in a temporary way, so “The Seventh Day” reviews, during the following lines, simple steps to make daytime makeup suitable for summer and universities, according to what was indicated by beauty expert Tony Emad.

The beauty expert told Al-Youm Al-Sabeeh: “Before starting to apply makeup, it is necessary to prepare the skin in an easy and light way, which is washing the face with the appropriate lotion, then the following steps.

Steps for daytime makeup


Apply the toner on clean skin after drying it in a light way, for a few minutes, then use a piece of cotton and wipe the face to get rid of any makeup residue or dust on the skin.

Sunscreen moisturizer

Apply a moisturizer suitable for the nature of your skin, then wait for a few minutes until the skin absorbs the moisturizer strongly, then apply sunscreen and wait a few minutes, then follow the following steps.


After completing the preparation of the skin, apply the foundation cream without applying a corrector before it, in order to obtain a natural look for the skin, and it is preferable that it be suitable for the nature and color of your skin.

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Apply blush, preferably a calm color that tends to be pink or peach, depending on your skin tone.


Apply a matte lipstick, preferably one or two shades lighter than the lip shade, and stay away from strong colors because it is during the day and you are at the university and not a private party. He continued: “It is preferable to apply only the three components to obtain a natural and healthy look without applying eyeliner or mascara.

How to do makeup for the university
How to do makeup for the university
Day makeup
Day makeup


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