Perfect hairstyles for summer days.. easy and suitable for young age

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In the summer, everyone wants to overcome the hot weather and stay away from the sun, but at the same time taking care of the hair, especially young girls, as self-care is important for them. And the young girl or teenager wants to take care of herself, whether by wearing elegant clothes, applying light makeup that suits her years of age, or styling her hair in a beautiful way that suits her facial features, and there are some hairstyles from which the girl can draw inspiration from the appropriate story that she wants, according to the site “stylecraze“.

Summer hairstyles:

Ponytail with story:

The girl can get a beautiful hairstyle, which is an elegant ponytail that gives a fun and joyful touch, and she can wear shorts, a shirt, an elegant dress, or jeans, for a distinctive look and fit the girl’s shape.

Stylish ponytail with a cut

low side ponytail:

The girl can choose a low-side ponytail, while choosing an elegant hairstyle for the lazy girl who needs a quick and effortless haircut, by choosing a one-sided haircut, by fixing the ponytail from the back of the neck with pins, to give a distinctive, elegant and comfortable look. .

Low side ponytail

Low side ponytail

Story with a Japanese look:

This haircut takes the traditional Japanese style, which is seen in Japanese civilization and graphics, and it is a beautiful appearance, for exercise, and for those who want to do this haircut, to trim the hair with scissors or a razor to get the edges carefully trimmed by applying a hairbrush and cutting carefully, for a look Distinctive and new.

Japanese style hair

Japanese style hair

Curly hair:

Those who want curly hair to look beautiful can give their hair an elegant touch, by curling the ends of the large hair to get that look, those curls can be done with a hair iron, to create that beautiful look, with the use of an intense spray on wet hair, followed by a hair spray Hard to give an attractive appearance.

Curly hair

Curly hair

short hair:

This summer, the teenage girl can shine while preventing sweating, because of the short hair that may reach the shoulder by organizing the edges to make the look bright and carefully styled.

Soft short hair
Soft short hair


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