Pear Trend.. A relationship expert explains why she chose the slogan for the song

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The pear symbol is a new trend that has spread on all social media in the past few hours, which has been used by many single people, as a symbol expressing that they are not related and ready to be engaged, but why the pear, says one of the users of the social networking site Facebook, that he believes that The use of the pear symbol, because it is the only fruit, among the fruits that no one can buy and remains alone on the seller’s shelves due to the scarcity of its lovers. As human relations expert Sabreen Jaber explained, the phone “emotions” symbols that we use daily may express more than one meaning, and the use of pears as a symbol of celibacy or Single because it is a fruit that is not as popular as other fruits.


The pear is the emblem of the single

And the human relations expert continued that the pear, as a logo for the single, is considered one of the sweet fruits and rich in vitamins, but it is not popular or accepted by many, which makes it rare for sale, which indicates that the pear has these characteristics, but they are still not related, and they only find someone who cares about them. Quite a few.

And she added that the squirrels used the symbol after it was spread on many foreign sites in order to give others an opportunity to know that they are open to entering into an emotional relationship and connection.

Pear Trend
Pear Trend

According to the siteeatthisIt is one of the fruits that has the ability to adjust the mood and feel comfortable and happy, and the seventh day reviews a group of fruits that reach the same goal if you do not prefer to eat pears.



Apricots may be one of the powerful fruits for fighting depression, as they are rich in vitamin C C and beta-carotene, which researchers have linked to reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety.


It is a fruit full of medium-chain triglycerides, which are fats that improve mood, and a joint study from researchers at Yale University and the State University of New York Albany found that this tasty treat has a positive effect on nerves and relieves stress and anxiety.


Cranberries are considered one of the delicious fruits that improve mood and relieve stress and anxiety, because it contains a large percentage of vitamin C. CIt’s also a great source of resveratrol, an antioxidant pigment that research published in Frontiers in Endocrinology has linked to depression.

Red pepper

It is a sweet vegetable, which contains much higher levels of nutrients than other types of pepper, as it contains twice the amount of vitamin A CIn a recent survey of nutrient density, researchers at William Patterson University ranked red peppers second only to leafy greens as directly helping to improve your mood, in addition to boosting your immune system and reducing cold symptoms.

Cherry tomatoes

Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects your brain and fights depression-causing infections. For an added bonus, sprinkle tomatoes with a little olive oil, which has been shown to increase lycopene absorption.



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