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Recently, a “pear” emoji appeared on one of the social media pages, “Instagram”, which users put as an expression of emotional disengagement, as emotional artificial intelligence refers to the ability to recognize and understand one’s emotions, as well as the feelings of others or the ability to communicate effectively and build relationships. This emoji is used by many Egyptian artists, including Ahmed Helmy.

The pear emoji can be used on social media pages in many contexts, such as indicating that you are hungry and want to have a snack, such as a delicious pear, and it can be used playfully in many different contexts.

In general, emoji are widely used in social media, including social media, because they help express feelings and meanings in a more clear and detailed manner, and help enhance communication and interaction between users.

Among the importance of using emoji in social media:

1- Expressing feelings: Emoji can be used to express different feelings, such as joy, sadness, anger and excitement, in an easy and direct way that solves the problem of not being able to express in words.

2- Increase communication and interaction: Emoji can be used to make conversations and comments more clear, detailed, and more interactive, which helps attract the attention of followers and other users.

3- Improving cross-cultural communication: Emoji can be used to overcome the barrier of language and culture, and achieve cross-cultural communication, as it can be used to exchange feelings and meanings between people who speak different languages.

4- Enhance memory: Using emoji may help boost memory, as emoji appear in the form of visual symbols, and this can make messages more memorable and easy to remember.

5- Attracting interest and interaction: Emoji can be used to attract the attention of the audience and followers, and make posts and content more attractive and interactive, which helps increase the number of followers, likes, and comments.


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