If your hair is standing at a certain length… Important tips to promote its growth

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We may notice that a number of girls suffer from delayed hair growth or hair steadiness at a certain length, and this may cause them to feel distressed and tense, so “The Seventh Day” contacted hairdresser Mina Emad to find out some important tips that help in hair extension and reduce breakage. and daily care.

The hairdresser said in his interview with “The Seventh Day”: “Before using any protein for hair care, there must be a prior presentation to the specialists to work on solving this problem because it may be a health problem or a deficiency of certain vitamins, so it is necessary after ensuring the health of the body that no If there are any problems that cause this problem to appear, you must follow some of the following steps.

Lengthening hair


Make sure to wash your hair weekly or twice a week, depending on the nature of the hair. Also, choose a suitable shampoo that works on the length and treats the ends. It is preferable that it be free of any chemicals, but it is preferable that it be composed of natural ingredients.

Garlic mask

You can make a mask of garlic and olive oil to revitalize the scalp, so put a little garlic in a bottle of olive oil and make an oil bath for hair for no more than 60 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo and rinse it well.


Cutting hair is one of the important and healthy steps that work to treat split ends and lengthen hair, but it is preferable that hair be cut by specialists, taking into account cutting damaged ends, and this step can be repeated every 40 days.

Exposure to heat

Exposure of hair to heat makes it more damaged, deteriorated, and stranded, so make sure that you dry your hair in a natural way, and avoid permanent exposure to heat. Avoiding dyes and changing hair color may lose part of its value and cause it to weaken.

Hair care tips
Hair care tips
Hair extension tips
Hair extension tips


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