If your child tries to cheat in exams.. tips that will help you to modify his behavior

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The child may resort to cheating as a result of several reasons, which may be his intense fear of failing the exam, or the family forcing his child to obtain the highest scores that exceed his level of intelligence and abilities in attainment. In the following lines, the seventh day reviews important tips for modifying your child’s behavior if he likes to resort to cheating, according to Shaima Iraqi, a family relations and behavior modification consultant.

The behavior modification consultant told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “Cheating behavior may form and extend to be a way of life for the child in all situations. Therefore, caution and attention must be paid, and wrong behavior should be passed through negligence and not corrected, and some important advice should be given to limit this behavior.”

Modify cheating behavior in exams

Tips for controlling cheating behavior in children:

Prevention of causes and motives

Parents and educators should pay attention to their actions and behaviors in front of the child, as the child may imitate some life situations in front of him from the parents.

Avoid encouraging your child to cheat

Avoid encouraging your child to cheat Thinking that you are keen on his success, the child may resort to cheating as a result of entrenching the principle of cheating in the behavior of the child motivated by his parents.

Good preparation

You have to be satisfied and work hard with your child and teach lessons and reviews well and properly in preparation for the exam.

No pressure

Do not ask your child above his will to obtain results that exceed his abilities, and you should not compare him with his peers or siblings, so that he does not have to cheat for fear of you.

Conscience control

Teach your child self-rejection and control his conscience, and he must reject any opportunities to cheat or be under the control of his colleagues, force him and blackmail him from cheating, and he must advise them to stay away from cheating or stay away from the cheater and not accompany him.

Cheating in exams and tips to deal with it
Cheating in exams and tips to deal with it


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