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When thinking about home decorations, the apartment owner may choose to put the TV in the bedroom, because many people enjoy watching favorite programs while lying on a comfortable bed after a long work. But some may not know how to integrate the TV into the room’s décor, and there are some factors that one can take into account if he wants to put the TV in the bedroom, according to the website “thespruce“.


Things to consider when placing the TV in the bedroom:

Before thinking about placing the TV in the bedroom, you should know how easy it is to see from different angles, because if a person actually wants to put the device in the room, he must make sure that he sees clearly, such as on the wall or next to the wardrobe, and the TV should not be placed in front of a window because viewing is in This area is very stressful for the eye.

Wall Mounted:

The best and simplest places that can be chosen to place the TV in the bedroom is to install it on the wall, which leads to avoiding the crowded and chaotic appearance, and to make the place special, the TV can be combined with the wall, and distinctive lighting can be used to improve the appearance of the design and make it a natural focal point, because the cheerful background makes The decor is better.

TV on the wall

TV on the wall

Treat it like a painting:

Some smart TVs may display some artwork while it does not work, which enables us to treat the TV as a painting or piece displayed to give an aesthetic appearance.

Like a painting

Like a painting

Center it on the locker:

One of the most common places to place a TV in the bedroom is above the wardrobe, or hung in it, which is a very convenient place, because most bedrooms have a wardrobe, and the TV can be centered above the wardrobe, because it creates a natural focal point while preserving The top of the cabinet is open which gives widening.

Center it on the locker

Center it on the locker

Incorporate it into a wall art:

The TV can be combined on an art wall in the bedroom between a number of pictures or paintings, which prevents the TV from dominating the wall and reduces its presence, and there is a focus on other pieces of art and photographs.

Incorporate it into a gallery wall
in a gallery wall


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