How to direct your child’s kinetic energy in a way that benefits him, including teaching him to dance

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Many mothers may face many problems that the motor child does, although he does not do this on purpose, but it is the nature of a child, so his condition develops from the development of his age, despite hearing the words around him “when he grows up, he will be guided” but it is the opposite It is true, and therefore “The Seventh Day” reviews some enjoyable activities in which the child can be engaged without causing any harm and directing that energy positively, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.understood“.

Child rearing

Trampoline use

Using a trampoline game is a great activity to improve balance and get your child’s energy out, and it can also be part of a sensory diet. He usually likes to eat after the game constantly to make up for what he loses energy, but if you are not sure that your child will follow Instructions Or if your child is not old enough to use a trampoline, you can also get a mini trampoline for supervised use at home.


It is an old game that we used to play when we were young, and it is very suitable for dynamic children, as it teaches them balance and logical thinking, and it can be played anywhere, whether at home or outside the home.

hopscotch game
hopscotch game

Martial arts lessons

This wonderful method is good for helping motor children strengthen their arms and legs, and also teaches them healthy kicking, some self-defense techniques, and can help children with balance and motor skills that can be problematic for children with sensory problems.


Whether it’s a dance class, an indoor dance party, or even dancing to songs at home, it’s a good motor exercise that helps kids develop balance and sequencing skills, and it also helps build your child’s awareness of rhythm.

kinesthetic child
kinesthetic child


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