Abraaj rejects the second chance and does not forgive those who wronged it

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Tolerance is one of the best traits that characterize people, but it is not necessary for a person to be tolerant in everything, as there are those who tolerate things and other things for him as a red line, and there are people who absolutely do not tolerate the mistakes of others, especially if they are close to them. In the following lines, the seventh day reviews the constellations that do not have the ability to give a second chance, according to Maya Naji, a horoscope expert.


Aries is one of the signs that is characterized by kindness and courage, and also possesses many positive qualities. Despite this, he cannot forgive betrayal and cannot give a second chance, especially to his life partner or close personalities, and refuses to return again.


Although a Capricorn is a soft and easy personality that can be dealt with easily, he cannot forgive those who offended him. Also, he is one of the personalities who raise the slogan “There is no second chance,” and the mistake is not forgiven, and this does not depend on certain people in his life, but it applies The system even if it is for family members.


A Sagittarian is a cheerful personality sometimes, but he raises the slogan, “The first mistake is the last. He cannot talk or sit with anyone who has caused him psychological harm, or caused harm to people close to him.


The Libra born has many positive qualities, diligent, ethical, loving to work, and good at dealing with difficult situations, but he does not have the ability to forgive or give a second chance to someone who hurt his dignity, or caused a rift in his life, or was a reason to affect him. negatively.

Towers refuse to forgive
Characters who refuse to forgive
Characters who refuse to forgive


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