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The British authorities were able to track down and rescue a rare black fox named “Shadow” after roaming the streets of British Wales for two weeks, and Black Foxes UK began receiving many reports of the stray “black fox” on April 8, 2023, and since then a plan has been developed to catch the rare fox Who is believed to have escaped from his owner after being kept privately as a pet, unusually, according to the British Daily Mail.

The rare fox is a subspecies of the American red fox

Animal rescue workers announced the capture of Shadow, a fox of the North American red fox, in Barry, Wales, and in a Facebook post, the rescue service revealed the good news, revealing details of just how difficult it was to catch Shadow.

the Fox ..

“We received hundreds of calls and messages, and attempts to locate the owner were unsuccessful,” the organization said. The animal rescue organization’s resources were limited in their ability to help, and it asked members of the public to contact only if the animal was injured, and they were able to make an attempt to capture the fox several times. But they didn’t succeed in the end.

the Fox

Black Foxes UK have also sought help from local authority animal wardens and local cat rescue Shua Trust Home and Sanctuary, who helped capture an escaped silver fox in Barry, Wales, in 2021, and managed to capture the fox safely. On Monday, April 24, 2023.

They said the male fox, who appears to be about two years old, was nicknamed Shadow by rescuers. While initial reports said Shadow had an injury to his leg, Black Foxes UK confirmed he appeared to be in good health.


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