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Unrestricted.. Jordanian children living without identities

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publish date 2023-05-02 09:15:14

Al-Bawsala – 17 years she lived without an identity, without identification papers, she was treated on the name of one of her family members, she did not have the right to education like all her peers, but she spends her time without a goal or the blessing of ambition, similar to another 14-year-old child who spends most of his time grazing sheep .

The two children estimated their leg so that volunteers within the “Child Protection” project could find out their whereabouts and help their families to register them and issue a birth certificate and a birth certificate for them. To hold two national numbers and start obtaining their rights as Jordanians, but in exchange for that, there are still 90 children without identity, nationality, or identity papers, despite the presence of parents for them. The southern regions of Al-Jafr, Al-Mreigha, Tweisah, Al-Disi.

unrestricted; A marginalized person, who has no identity, and no identification papers that determine his affiliation, and therefore he has no legal existence, and he is deprived of the most basic rights.

Director of the Rowad Charity Association, Ahmed Al-Battat; Who said: “The numbers are much larger, but this is what the association was able to reach within a few months, indicating at the same time that if the capabilities were available to the association, it would reach many times this number.

And he indicated that families live in these areas in difficult life and economic conditions, within an amount ranging between 40-50 dinars that they receive from the National Affairs and Aid, indicating that the reason for not registering children is due to the economic situation on the one hand, and the neglect of families on the other hand, as well as the remote place of residence. The family on the Sharia and legal court.

And he continued that when the wife gives birth in a hospital, she and her newborn leave it, leaving the family book in it; Because they are unable to pay the costs, until the family decides to register their son after 4-5 years, they are shocked by the accumulation of the amounts owed by them, which prompts them to stop doing so, indicating that through the project, the association was able to reach 54 Jordanian children, and we were able to register 21 9 of them are children between the ages of one to 16 years, and 12 children between the ages of one to four years, and 33 children are on waiting lists. They are distributed in the “Al Marigha” area, and their number is 11 children between the ages of 4-12 years, and in the Al-Jafr area there are 22 children between the ages of one to 18 years, according to Al-Battat.

In the same context, Al-Battat mentioned that there are 61 children of Pakistani nationality who were reached through the project, who are neither registered nor possessing identity papers, and they were able to register only 5 children of them, and 56 of them remained without papers.

He pointed out that these children are found in the Jordan Valley, as a result of an undocumented marriage, or are born in non-medical places, or with illegal midwives, pointing out that “when any child who does not have identification papers that we have reached, whether Jordanians or Pakistanis, gets sick, they By treating him to secure another child, or they may treat him with alternative methods, in addition to not receiving their right to education.

Al-Battat expects that if the situation remains as it is, the numbers will increase even more, pointing out at the same time that if they remain without registration, this will be a danger to society and will have dire consequences in the future, whether in terms of children not enjoying their basic rights as an ignorant and uneducated generation will grow up, Or that if they committed any crime, there is no proof of their identity, calling on the concerned authorities to exempt families from the fees and fines incurred by them so that they can register their children so that they can enjoy their full rights. He also urged international organizations and bodies to move towards this group to end their suffering.

“legal duties”

For his part, the Director General of the Civil Status and Passports Department, Fahd Al-Amoush, confirmed that the legal tasks of the department are represented in recording data for Jordanian families, registering vital events for citizens wherever they occur, and issuing special certificates for each of them, and recording and storing vital events for foreigners if they occur inside the Kingdom and issuing special certificates for each of them. Based on the provisions of the Civil Status Law No. (9) of 2001 and its amendments.

He pointed out that the department provided all the necessary facilities for the civil registration process and simplified the procedures related to that by expanding the establishment of its offices to become (93) offices distributed geographically to include all governorates and districts in the Kingdom, in order to facilitate citizens in registering their births as the main axis in registration. Civil Status, adding that the Civil Status Law, in order to facilitate the citizens, expanded the identification of the persons responsible for reporting the birth to include relatives of the fourth degree.

He pointed out that the Status Law specified the legal period for issuing the birth event, which is a year if the birth took place inside the Kingdom, and in the event that this period is exceeded, the jurisdiction is held by the Magistrates Court to issue the birth record.

Referring to the percentage of children under the age of five who have a birth certificate and the percentage of those who do not have the certificate but their birth was registered with the Civil Status, which was included in the results of the Population and Family Health Survey 2017-2018, 98% of the births of children under five years of age are with the Civil Status, and this is It means that 89% of those who have a birth certificate and 9% have their birth registered but do not have a birth certificate.

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