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The Secretariat comments on the recent administrative transfers.. What did it say?

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publish date 2023-05-02 12:06:25

Compass – The Municipality of Amman indicated that the administrative transfers that the Municipality recently made, which included employees of the financial and health departments, the Professions Division and national workers, came in line with the administrative reform, the electronic transformation project and the reactivation of workers.
A member of the Amman Municipality Council, Moataz Al-Lawzi, said that the legal and financial rights of the employees who were transferred and redistributed were not affected, but rather work was done to benefit from them in other sectors, and that many employees were redistributed as a result of the electronic transformation project that the Municipality began implementing more than 3 years ago. Where the employees were distributed to sectors that need the human element, pointing out that all electronic services are not accepted for review or submission on paper.
He pointed out that administrative reform requires a review of administrative units that no longer have direct work with the public.
And he indicated that all financial services have become provided electronically, as the employee does not need to work directly with the citizen, but rather his work has become office, and therefore he can do his work from anywhere, far from serving the public.
He pointed out that the financial departments and the Professions Division have become fully electronic, so centers have been established for these departments and they have been withdrawn from the regions and will be distributed, as some of them will work in the evening from home to respond to citizens’ transactions and provide service in the morning and evening.
As for the health department, he indicated that they were distributed to several sectors and departments that need these specializations, pointing out that all health complaints have also become electronic, in addition to that the health departments in the regions will be included in the unified inspection centers and the work of regions, so that the region is responsible for several regions and comes to them Central complaints.
He pointed out that reducing friction between the citizen and the employee contributes to achieving impartiality, integrity and speed in decision-making and fighting corruption.
He explained that about 200 of the country’s workers have been activated and redistributed in places that need more labor, as they were transferred to different departments, the most important of which is agriculture.
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