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The e-Visa is no longer limited in duration

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publish date 2023-05-02 11:38:42

An official source in the Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the electronic visa issued by the Ministry “is no longer of a limited duration” by use only during the first two months of its issuance, and it has become possible to use it on any day from its issuance until its expiration.

He added that the electronic visa was previously required to be used in the first two months of its issuance, whatever its duration, explaining that the amendment of the visa system comes with the aim of increasing facilities by removing this condition, so that it became open for use, and it could be used until the last day of the visa’s validity. ..

Regarding the details of visas, according to the source, the 3-month visa includes one visit and a fee of 40 dinars, while the fee for two trips is 60 dinars, while the 6-month and several trips visa is 120 dinars, in addition to that A visa that lasts for one year and several trips costs 200 dinars, and the fee for a 5-year visa is 350 dinars.

He explained that visas that last 6 months or more enable the traveler to visit Jordan more than once without restricting the number of visits throughout the validity period of the visa, and that whoever obtains this visa is granted residence for a period of three months on each trip through the border posts directly at access.

According to Al-Dahamisha, it is possible to apply for the visa, fill out the application, and pay the fees for providing the service electronically (online) without the need to visit the concerned center.

The electronic visa; A digital document that is obtained through the application of the Ministry of Interior, where the concerned person enters his personal information up to the stage of obtaining the visa directly, and after confirming it, the applicant obtains a “bar code”, and then when he comes to Jordan, he stamps his passport after making sure of His official documents

The source referred to the benefits achieved from the electronic visa project as a quantum leap in the process of facilitating and simplifying procedures for those wishing to come to the Kingdom of various groups and nationalities, and reducing congestion at border posts as a result of giving travelers the option to submit visa applications and pay their fees before coming to the Kingdom. Kingdom and the abolition of previously approved procedures regarding adhesive tape, stamps and payment of fees in the traditional way

The Ministry of Interior said, earlier, that this project comes within the context of the procedures and facilities that have been taken by the Ministry of Interior to simplify the procedures for obtaining a visa and residency for foreigners who wish to visit and reside in the Kingdom, and to complete transactions for renewing the residency of investors and their families within one working day. As the Ministry of Interior had previously amended its procedures in a way that guarantees the completion of residency renewal transactions for investors, their families and other foreigners within one working day.

The Ministry of Interior indicated that the procedures it takes are taking place for the first time in the history of the Kingdom, and the Ministry of Interior continues to provide all facilities and expand the issuance of tourist visas to foreigners wishing to visit the Kingdom for the purposes of tourism from various nationalities that need prior approvals for entry, as well as facilitating the procedures for obtaining On treatment visas for patients of different nationalities

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