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A protest stand near the occupation embassy in victory for the martyr Khader Adnan (witness)

Amman Today

publish date 2023-05-02 19:00:00

Amman – Muhammad Al-Khawaja

Citizens carried out an angry stand today, Tuesday, near the Zionist embassy in Amman, to protest the death of the prisoner in the occupation prisons, Sheikh Khader Adnan.

He called for the activity of the committees working for the prisoners in Jordan under the title “The Blood of Adnani is a Volcano Revolution.”

The participants expressed their anger at what they described as the slow execution of prisoners in the occupation prisons, and affirmed their rejection of the arbitrary detention practiced by the Zionists against the Palestinians under the name of administrative detention.

The participants also chanted slogans against the extremist Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security in the occupation government, and affirmed their solidarity with the prisoners in Zionist prisons.

In his speech, the head of the Palestine Department in the Islamic Movement, Muath al-Khawaldeh, said that the martyr Ghadnan is an icon of steadfastness and resistance to the occupation, who did not know fatigue or boredom.

He added that he has risen today and is recommending to us the resistance to liberate Palestine, which will not return except with sacrifices, and that martyrdom is the path to freedom.

In turn, the released prisoner Fadi Farah said that the vigil today is an attempt to clear our conscience before God and before the prisoners and children of the martyr Khader Adnan.

Farah praised the response of the resistance through commando operations in the West Bank and the joint room in Gaza.

He demanded the expulsion of the Zionist ambassador from Amman and the immediate release of MP Imad Al-Adwan.

The Occupation Prisons Administration announced, at dawn today, the death of the leading prisoner of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Khader Adnan, who went on a hunger strike to refuse his administrative detention without charge.

On the fifth of last February, Adnan announced his open hunger strike from the moment of his arrest, after the occupation forces stormed his house in Arraba, and wreaked havoc on it.

The martyred prisoner Khader Adnan went through five hunger strikes, the first in 2004 for a period of 25 days, the second in 2012 for a period of 67 days, the third in 2014 for a period of 54 days, the fourth in 2021 for a period of 25 days, and the fifth in 2023 for a period of 86 days, and he was martyred as a result.

On Tuesday, general mourning and a comprehensive strike prevailed in the Palestinian territories, mourning the martyrdom of the leader, Adnan, inside the occupation prisons.

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