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The summer season is one of the seasons that many people who love the sea love or wear summer clothes, but there are some tips that can be known before going deep into the summer, according to what Nashwa Jaber indicated to Life Coach, andLife Coach told Youm7: “Summer is one of the seasons close to the heart of a large number of family members, so there are some tips that must be taken into account in the summer, “Pay attention to personal hygiene, clothing, use deodorants, and exercise to reduce laziness and overcome summer lethargy.”


Exercise is one of the most important steps and tips that are indispensable in the summer to reduce laziness and get rid of negative energies, as well as work to stimulate blood circulation, and gain positive energy that helps you overcome the daily routine.

personal cleanliness

It is necessary to pay attention to personal hygiene on a daily basis, such as frequent showering with soap and water, and making sure to clean the body in quick and easy steps before leaving the house, as well as using deodorants that are suitable for the nature of the body, as well as trimming nails, making sure to brush teeth, comb hair, and wear clean, scented clothes.


Also, it is necessary to choose clothes suitable for the nature of the temperatures, also make sure to wash clothes with powder that removes stains and continue to wash white clothes as soon as you return home, in addition to not wearing clothes more than once before washing them from the previous time, also ironing clothes and choosing colors that suit the temperatures preferably Choose white and sun-repellent colors.

the hair

We may find that a large number of personalities leave their hair for a long time without cleaning, in addition to that they can take all the steps of personal hygiene except washing the hair, and this is undesirable, but it is preferable to wash the hair two or three times a week, and also pay attention to making hairstyles that are suitable for the weather and do not cause Composition of sweat or bacteria

white clothes
personal cleanliness
personal cleanliness


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