If your son is afraid of crossing the street, tips will help him get rid of the fear of the road

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The fear of crossing the road is one of the common phobias in children, and this type of phobia is common among children between the ages of 7 and 11 years, and this fear can continue into adulthood. Children who are afraid of crossing the road usually suffer from fear of exposure. of injury or traffic accidents, and this fear may be influenced by negative past experiences, direct witnesses of traffic accidents, or instructions and warnings from parents and teachers.

In order for the child to get used to crossing the road on his own without fear or intimidation, some steps must be followed that help him cross the road safely and maintain his safety, according to what Shaima Iraqi, a consultant for family relations and behavior modification, indicated:

Steps to help your child cross the road without fear:

– Rehabilitation before crossing the road requires preparing the child to know the rules of road traffic and to start practicing walking in the street

The child must be accompanied by the parents in the street and break the fear of wandering and seeing cars and the direction of traffic.

– It is preferable to start walking in quiet streets and cross them under the supervision of parents at the beginning and to encourage and reward behavior whenever the child passes successfully in crossing the road.

– It is necessary to teach the child traffic rules, traffic lights and colors for traffic or waiting situations.

– Simulation and imitation helps the child to successfully imitate his colleagues or younger siblings when they cross the road. Watching other children cross without fear and their success without being harmed by crossing or fear of colliding with cars makes the child little by little dare to cross the road

– Watching films that contain materials that give the child some skills of crossing the road while telling stories and discussing some steps with the child, and listening to the motives of the child because of his fear of the road that makes us start with sound ways in getting him used to crossing

Do not compare your child with his brothers or companions, and do not call the child a failure or cowardice when going through the crossing experience and his inability to cross alone, but rather encourage him and help him overcome the barrier of fear

A child crosses the street
A child afraid of crossing the road
A child afraid of crossing the road


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