How to use candles to relieve stress.. not only for romance

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Besides romance and adding a calm atmosphere, especially between married couples or during a romantic dinner, everyone knows that aromatic candles, especially natural ones that consist of sage oils, lavender, baboon and many other perfumes, are one of the distinctive ways that help to relax and get rid of nervous stress and tension, but despite From this, but with some people he does not get any result, due to the wrong use, and according to the site “villagerocksCandles with medicinal fragrances can be mixed with precious stones such as rose quartz, chyme, amethyst, blue lace agate, and citrine, which adds clarity, prevents negative energy, relaxes the mind, and relieves tension. Therefore, the seventh day reviews how to use these scented crystal candles to relieve stress. And anxiety.

Use candles

Choose the right candle

You should know that not any type of candle is suitable for anyone, there are many different types, you should know that each candle has a designated place in which it can be used, citruses and herbs in the kitchen, flowers such as vanilla and woods, in the living room, candles with the scent of nature for the bathroom, And for lavender and chamomile for the bedroom.

Set your intention

There are more benefits from candles that can be obtained, after you renew your intention, whether it is to relieve stress and anxiety, bring happiness or protect you from negative energy, by directing your energy to what you want.


Use the candle yourself

You can hold the candle in your hands or place it on a table, or you can also use it as incense to cleanse the room of negative energy. Just light the candle and look at the flame while renewing your intention.

Ventilate the place

After using candles and carrying out the previous steps, you must ventilate the place so that negative energy leaves the place, and summon positive energy. You must be very specific in what you want to achieve, whether it is peace, happiness, stress relief, or calm.

scented candle
scented candle

Clear your mind with relaxing candles

When you feel fog and clouds, you just have to clear your mind in order to get relaxation and the goal to be obtained, and silence and shadows can be one of the most important steps to reach the goal.

St.. M. P
St.. M. P


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