First year of motherhood.. 6 tips you must follow when starting the “Beauty Training”

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The stage of taking off the diaper is one of the stages that any child goes through with his mother, which may cause more exhaustion for the two, until the child gets used to using the bathroom. Slower than the rest of the children, but all of this is just different experiences, but each child has a specific time and understanding that helps him accept that idea, and therefore the seventh day reviews some basic tips for training any child to use the bathroom, according to the website bulletin.parents“.

Booty Training

Don’t start training too young

The mother should start with her child when he is ready physiologically, cognitively and emotionally, by being able to control the sphincter muscle that controls the bladder, and to be able to say what he feels and show when he tells you that he needs to take off the diaper, and he is distinguished in communicating with you, and he has The ability to pull his pants up and down.

Provide tools

You have to get a potty suitable for your child’s size, and equip your bathroom with accessories that the child can use, such as his own base, a small chair that makes him reach the toilet easily, and suitable personal clothes for him.

child education
child education

Be friendly and avoid punishment

You have to be patient and calm with your child so that he does not feel nervous pressure, or feels difficult in implementation, in addition to avoiding punishing him when he does not control himself, or forgets and works in his clothes, as punishment here can backfire, or make him stubborn in implementation .

Choose a word your family will use to defecate

You have to choose words that express the thing that he will do, so that it is easy for him to express to tell you what he will do, and in the event that he is in custody, you must agree together.

Don’t forget compliments

You have to praise your child every time he reaches the potty, even if things do not go the way you want, there is no objection to verbal and material praise by buying gifts, in order to motivate the child to do so.

Be prepared for trouble

You have to be ready in your home while training your child to use the bathroom, with tools and speed, it is possible that your child will betray luck, and he will not reach the bathroom in time, causing the house to become dirty, so be ready by calming him down, and with your tools to clean the house and bring it back clean again.

Take off the nappy
Take off the nappy


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