A gambler’s grandfather kidnaps his 4-year-old granddaughter, asking for a ransom of $72,000

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Chinese media recently reported a bizarre case of a gambling-addicted grandfather who kidnapped his 4-year-old granddaughter and held her for ransom, asking his daughter to pay him $72,500 if she wanted to see her child again.

The strange story, which shocked and angered millions of Chinese, began when the man, surnamed Yuan, went to pick up his little granddaughter from school, and instead of taking her to her parents’ home, the 65-year-old called his daughter, telling her that she needed to pay half a million yuan. If she ever wanted to see her little girl again.

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At one point, the Chinese pensioner, who could not control his gambling addiction, threatened to kill his 4-year-old granddaughter if his daughter failed to pay the half-million-dollar ransom within three days. Shocked by her parents’ demands, his daughter immediately called the police and Mr. Yuan was arrested. According to the site odditycentral.


It is not clear exactly when this incident occurred, but the Shanghai Le Journal recently reported that the would-be kidnapper was already in prison for his reckless actions, and he had tried to blame his daughter for everything, claiming that she did not want him well, and that instead of saving his life Best for him, she only wishes him to die, as he accused the woman of being ungrateful.

The vast majority of people condemned Mr. Yuan for his actions, saying he did not deserve to be called father and grandfather, and advised his daughter to sever all ties with him. Media reported that the man had adapted to life imprisonment and rekindled his relationship with his daughter with the help of his ex-wife.


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