5 travel rules and etiquette that you must know.. “Remember that you are a guest and choose the appropriate clothes.”

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Many of us love to travel and want to go to new places and cultures that we read about in books, and while a person goes on a trip there are some things that he has to know, the person has to do some simple research about the country he wants to go to before going to board the plane to go on Leave, so that the trip passes safely, according to the website “earlyairway“.

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Remember that you are a guest

A person who travels to a country must know that he is a guest, and that he does not live in that country, and for this reason the person must not feel comfortable as if he was in his home in an exaggerated manner, and for this everything in the region must be respected such as the population and the people who own the country, and not do Anything that bothers them, and being extraordinarily nice and friendly, remembering he’s on vacation no more.


Learn the laws and rules while walking according to them

Any person traveling must follow the laws set by any country he visits, such as when there are signs and leaflets, you must do what they say and abide by them, knowing the local laws of the country, so that the person can distance himself from any problem, and so as not to break the law in this country, So that the person is not subject to any punishment, and that is why everything must be known before going anywhere.

Learn some local languages ​​well

The traveler does not have to learn all the local languages ​​of the country to be visited, but he must know some simple words such as the word welcome, farewell, thanking others and shaking hands to show respect because it is appropriate for a person to know how to greet the people around him.

Research dining etiquette

The traveler must taste the food of the country of origin to which he is traveling and not complain about the taste of the food if he does not like it, and he must know the way of eating food in that country, so that the person will save him a lot of embarrassment for himself, and not expose him to difficult situations.

Wear appropriate clothing

The traveler must know the country he is traveling to and what is allowed in the clothes, to show respect for that country, as some countries love modest clothing.

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travel for a trip


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