5 habits to deal with personalities who do not see themselves as wrong no matter what

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There are many people we deal with who cannot say sorry after confronting them with their mistake, and despite the difficulty of the situation, there are people who are more difficult to deal with, and they are the ones who do not admit the mistake in the first place, and if you insist on them, they find a lot of justifications for this mistake, especially that it was a reaction and not The main reason, but what do you do if this person is a life partner or a close friend who cannot be ignored or turned away from, and therefore “The Seventh Day” reviews ways to adapt or deal with this person, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.marriage

Dealing with the person who does not see himself as wrong

Trust that you are right

Do not take the situation personally. You may think that your partner’s critical behavior or his inability to apologize means that something is wrong with you, but in reality the problem begins with him, as he deals with his personal concerns.

Do not tolerate abuse

At the time when you know that your partner is wrong, and that he denies it, this does not mean that he is okay or that you should forgive his actions, but what you have to do is make it clear to him that you are angry with his way and his bad behavior and dealings, and that what he does And his constant belief that he is right causes you a problem in communication between you.

feeling wrong
feeling wrong


When having a conversation, it may be helpful to first listen to your husband’s side of the story to verify his feelings. This can make him feel heard and understood, and may reduce some of his defenses towards any problem, assuring him of your distress, as his way of not hearing you expresses your insignificance to him. You are not important in this relationship.

Set limits

You may also have to set limits with your partner, and the simplest of those limits is that you must hear you as you hear him, so that the judgment is fair, and not just a judgment on his part.

Have empathy

You have to remain sympathetic to him, and give him an opportunity to explain the problem from his point of view, and that your discussion with him is evidence of the continuation of the relationship, and not out of argument or out of the way of proving the correctness of your words and his mistake, and this makes him review himself and admit his mistakes.

character behaviour
character behaviour


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