4 nail designs that rid you of negative energy, including the blue eye design

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Getting rid of negative energy, nervous pressure, and a feeling of stress are among the most common problems that many people face throughout the day. There is no doubt that precious stones have a distinct role in getting rid of all these psychological problems, but there are those who cannot slice these stones suitable for them, whether due to the scarcity of these stones. Or due to its high price, but today The Seventh Day reviews some nail designs that help get rid of negative energy, according to the website bulletin.lulus“.

Quartz stone design

Quartz stone design It is known that this distinctive stone differs from any other stone, as it provides positive energy, cleanses the mind of negative thoughts, and provides the person with the energy of love and comfort away from stress, only to draw the stone on the nails, you will need white and transparent nail polish And the calm rose, and a thin paintbrush, paint the nails in light pink color, two layers and leave it to dry, then draw intersecting lines in white, with two overlapping triangles drawn.

quartz design

Evil eye design

It is a collection of different shapes and a mixture of quartz and blue eyes, all you need is transparent nail polish, black, white and blue mannequins, a thin brush and a toothbrush, just paint your nails with the transparent color, and then use the toothbrush and dip it in the black color, Draw the eye, some lines attached to black dots, and energy triangles. Paint the eye white and turn it blue.

evil eye
evil eye

French blue eye design

For this design, you need light pink, white, blue and black colors, paint your nails in light pink, and draw the blue bead, with the black dot inside it that helps get rid of negative energy.


Bright blue bead design

Just paint your nails with a clear nail polish and then paint the blue bead, which has black and white in the middle, and outline it with a shiny silver color.

The bright blue bead
The bright blue bead

eyes design
eyes design


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