4 important habits that a mother should follow while raising her daughter

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There are many erroneous popular sayings about raising girls in Egyptian and Arab society in general, and the most prominent of these sayings are:

In the upbringing of girls, “O you who leave girls behind, you who are anxious about death, or break a girl’s rib so that she can reach her 24.” Unfortunately, many families may be convinced of these sayings that may harm the girl’s happiness and the enjoyment of her childhood. Therefore, all parents must master the upbringing of their daughters, according to what Hala Al-Azab indicated. Etiquette and human relations expert

The etiquette expert told Youm7: “So that they can share happiness with their daughters Parents should always declare their love for their daughters, especially the father. Filling the girl with words of love and gentle paternal flirtation makes the girl in old age not be driven behind insincere sentences by any young man. Every mother should be calm and soft-spoken so that her daughter becomes like her. We are the mirror of our daughters

And she continued: “Girls love contact with their mothers, so do not skimp on your spoiled little girl with lots of hugs, kisses, and gentle fun. Or matters pertaining to her family, and she should also learn the etiquette of a good handshake with a sophisticated smile and mention the disciplinary names of adults.

And she continued: “There are also some important things when shaking hands by embracing and kissing For everyone who is a stranger, whether a woman or a man, is not entitled to shake hands by embracing and kissing. Also, the mother and her girl must return to standing on the right or left of the one who is sitting during the handshake.

And she says: “As for the use of elevators, it is important, rather stress must be placed on the girl to master the use of elevators on her own so that she does not have to be with anyone, whether big or small, inside the elevator. Also, the girl must get used to being clean in body and clothes.

She explains: “One of the things that disturbs and harms the feelings and psyche of girls is the frequent complaints Girls in general are characterized by tender feelings, whatever their actions, so parents must stop complaining excessively, whether to relatives or strangers. Instead of complaining, you can approach your daughters and create a constructive, sophisticated, and calm dialogue. This dialogue may be a gateway to understanding, acceptance, and change.

Etiquette of raising a girl
raising girls
raising girls
Rules when raising girls
Rules when raising girls


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