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Will the “Amman Consultative Meeting” constitute a new breakthrough in resolving the Syrian crisis?

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publish date 2023-05-01 13:21:06

Amman – Raed Sbeih

While Jordan continues its efforts to bring together the Arab parties and unify their point of view towards the proposed solutions to the Syrian crisis, especially through the five-party consultative meeting that will bring together the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Syria in an effort to make the Jordanian initiative a success in this context, observers believe that the great obstacles still exist and are needed. For a long Jordanian and Arab breath in order to reach satisfactory solutions for all parties.

Political analyst Dr. Munther confirmed the dialogues in his statements to “compass“The efforts made by Jordan to unify the Arab position on a number of issues, especially with regard to restoring Syria to the Arab embrace, are tremendous, painstaking and exceptional efforts,” expressing his hope that the “Amman Consultative Meeting” held today will constitute a new breakthrough towards resolving the Syrian crisis and Syria’s return to the Arab embrace. Within understandings that satisfy all the Arab parties and the Syrian parties and spare the Syrian blood.

The dialogues pointed out that whoever engages in such an immersion in the framework of Arab disputes must be the owner of a very long spirit, especially since the fruits that can be desired from these meetings may be far from being achieved and will not be achieved in a short term, but will be visible in the long term.

Dr.. Munther Al-Hawarat: We may find ourselves facing an early Arab veto against the Jordanian initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis due to the fragmentation of the Syrian opposition and the Islamic groups involved in it

He pointed out that the Jordanian initiative towards the Syrian file, which adopted the slogan “step by step,” so that Jordan could achieve a balance between satisfying the regional and international parties, the Arab parties, as well as the parties to the conflict inside Syria.

He explained that the problem related to the Syrian file is not left behind by the Arab parties alone, as more than 90% of the Syrian issue is linked to the active regional and international parties in Syria, which do not accept the return of the Syrian regime to the Arab framework.

With regard to the refugee file, which Jordan is counting on, through the understandings, to achieve a breakthrough in, the dialogues emphasized that it represents a complex file, especially with the lack of trust between both parties, whether the refugees themselves or the Syrian regime, with the refugees fearing that returning without real guarantees may lead to their accountability, imprisonment, or execution. Therefore, the return of refugees is very slow.

As for the smuggling of weapons and drugs and border security, the political analyst pointed out that this file is very complex, especially since the sources confirm that it is a file linked to official bodies in the Syrian regime, and these sources confirm that the Syrian regime obtains more than 6 billion dollars from this trade.

The most dangerous thing, in the opinion of the dialogues, is Iran’s association with the issue of arms and drug smuggling, which for Iran carries a strategic goal more than obtaining financial returns, and is represented by targeting and sabotaging the Gulf countries and Jordan and seeking to create a state of chaos in them.

He concluded the interviews with Al-Bawsala by stressing that the Arab consensus on the Syrian file is extremely important today, especially since many of the parties associated with the Syrian opposition are militias and Islamic groups that many Arab Gulf countries refuse to be part of the solution to the Syrian issue, which is what made It may put us in front of an early Arab veto that may further complicate the problem and put great obstacles in front of the Jordanian efforts, making them almost impossible.

The start of the Amman Consultative Meeting to discuss efforts to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis

In the capital, Amman, on Monday, the work of the consultative meeting of the foreign ministers of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt and Syria began, with the aim of building on Arab contacts with the Syrian government and in the context of its proposals, and the Jordanian initiative to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis.

According to the “Kingdom”, the meeting comes as a continuation of the consultative meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt in Jeddah in mid-April.

The Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Miqdad, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukri, and the Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, arrived at the venue for the meeting in Amman.

The Amman meeting comes ahead of the Arab summit to be held in Riyadh on May 19, at a time when Syria’s membership in the Arab League has been suspended since November 2011.

The Arab ministers participating in the Jeddah meeting agreed on the importance of playing an Arab leadership role in efforts to end the crisis in Syria.

A few days after the meeting, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan visited Damascus, in the first official Saudi visit to Syria since the estrangement between the two countries with the start of the crisis in Syria 12 years ago.

During the past two years, there have been signs of rapprochement between Damascus and several Arab capitals, including Abu Dhabi, which restored diplomatic relations, Riyadh, which held talks with Damascus about resuming consular services between the two countries, and Tunisia, which appointed an ambassador to Damascus last month.

Since the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has received contacts and assistance from the leaders of Arab countries, in solidarity that seems to have accelerated the process of normalizing his relations with Arab countries.


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