With exams approaching.. 6 solutions help tackle procrastination

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Is the exam date approaching, and there are many study materials that need to be reviewed, and perhaps viewed for the first time, as we may notice that a large number of people resort to A task can sometimes be put off, but procrastinators chronically avoid difficult tasks and may deliberately seek out distractions. To devote more effort to achieving his goals, unfortunately it may be difficult to continue on the same path, so it is tempting to procrastinate, especially if those tasks are difficult, or they are able to put you in a spiral of negative feelings, and the following are some solutions that help Addressing procrastination according to what was indicated by the psychologist Muhammad Mostafa.

Start your study with the difficult subjects

Early in the morning, when you are at the peak of your performance and activity, you have to start with the most difficult subjects for you, which constitute a source of psychological pressure for you, then you will have got rid of the most stressful subjects, which makes you feel comfortable and accomplished and creates a motivation for you to continue finishing the other subjects..

Break down big tasks into small ones

When a task seems difficult, procrastination often follows, so what is the best way to break this task into smaller, more manageable chunks? For example: If you have a difficult chapter, and you feel frustrated while studying, divide this chapter into several points, and then select two or three points to study, dividing them in this way will help you feel less tired and more powerful..

Be realistic when setting tasks

While you are setting your schedule, some subjects often take much longer than expected, so the schedule must be flexible. Also, if you are a person who does not get up early, you are not ideal and set an impossible time to wake up, or decide to finish a ten-minute subject. Classes in a day, which ultimately leads to frustration.

Improve your environment

Where your environment can help or hinder your productivity, it is preferable to be especially wary of technology, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or messenger that keeps telling you that so-and-so has contacted you, as well as Internet searches that lead you off the right path, and phone calls can lead to to procrastination. So it is preferable during the period of time scheduled to work on a specific task, that you turn off your phone At the very least, set it to Do Not Disturb, or keep it out of sight, block any necessary Internet searches to the last

Reward yourself for small wins

Procrastination often goes hand in hand with perfectionism. A person feels that it is not necessary to celebrate any achievement. Finishing a class that was difficult for me or doing some exam papers correctly are noteworthy. It is not easy to resist and do something outside your comfort zone..


And it is better to determine your reward, and to specify when you will get it I will play ball with my friends if you finish these two chapters Instead of using these distractions for procrastination, make them conditional on you actually finishing what you set yourself to do, so you can celebrate your small win and prepare for your next one..

Overcome procrastination
Tips for overcoming procrastination
Tips for overcoming procrastination


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