There is still an opportunity.. Tips to help children improve their relationship with a strict father

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The harshness and severity of parents in raising children is a serious problem that can negatively affect children and leave deep traces in their later lives. If this problem is not dealt with properly, it may lead to mental, emotional and social health problems in the future. One of the main dangers of cruel fathers is that it can lead to the destruction of the father-son relationship. When children are treated harshly and ruthlessly, they may lose faith in their father and feel fearful, isolated and pessimistic. It can also lead to a deterioration in the mental health of children, as they suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and frustration.

In addition, parental cruelty can promote violence and hostility in children, which can be transmitted to the society in which they live and affect their behavior in the future. Parental cruelty is not a healthy form of education. Healthy education includes positivity, dialogue, understanding and kindness.

Therefore, the seventh day reviews, during the following lines, important tips for dealing with the intense fear of the father’s harshness, according to what was indicated by Shaima Iraqi, a behavior modification and family relations consultant.

The severity of cruelty

The behavior modification consultant told Al-Youm Al-Sabea: “A cruel father causes his children some problems, such as a disturbance in their personality, so the son becomes deprived of will, loses self-confidence, has no ability to make decisions, becomes a subordinate personality and not a leader. Also, the son with his surrounding environment may be more wrong. He suffers from oppression in treatment.

Important tips for dealing with the cruelty of the father

Understanding the nature of the father’s personality and not being stubborn with him facilitates some of the issues of daily life between the father and the children, so it is not advisable to deliberately disobey the father’s orders and go against his orders

Creating moments of closeness to the father to melt the ice of the relationship between the father and his children. The children can set appropriate times to talk to the father, build bridges of understanding and instill trust between them and the father. The father’s cruelty and harshness may be the result of his loss of confidence in his children and the intense fear for them from the society around them

Do not exchange the father for cruelty and emotional neglect As a result of what the father does of excessive cruelty against his children, the children have to get close to the father and know their role in obeying the parents and being kind to them and continuing to strengthen the relationship between them

Children should not let loose emotionally, vent feelings of anger on the father, and judge the father as a cruel and merciless father towards his children. They must understand the nature of his personality, be flexible in dealing with him, break the barrier of fear and awe of him, and implement his orders with love and not blind obedience for fear of his punishment.

– Make the father reassured not to engage in an unsafe environment, as the father may issue to his children the way of dealing with cruelty for fear of him on his children from the circle of friends and the state of low morals around him, so he desires firmness in education in order to preserve his children and teach them in a strict manner, and therefore the children must defuse the suspicion between them and him The father and that they do not take unsafe paths with those around them

Ways to deal with a very rude father
Dealing with a harsh father

Dealing with a harsh father

A hard-working father
A hard-working father


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