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The singer Sherine Abdel Wahab starred in her last concert in a matte fuchsia dress, which is in fact a two-piece “set” made of stomic and a “pocket” made of the famous taffeta fabric, which has a soft, silky feel and shape, so “The Seventh Day” reviews everything You can find out about taffeta, or taffeta, according to the website “tissura” as follows.

Sherine dress

Features of silk taffeta fabric

It has many types

Taffeta is derived from a Persian word which means “twisted woven”, taffeta is also a tightly woven fabric consisting of highly warped yarns, which have different types and types from opaque to transparent, and from glossy to matte, so more than one model can be designed with the taffeta fabric you prefer.

Its colors are multiple

In addition to neutral colors, the taffeta fabric has many colors, especially its gradations, and it also gives a sparkling look, especially if it is designed with fluffy dresses.

First class summer fabric

Although similar in shape and luster to velor, it is very light and silky, giving a rich look to your look, but without making the dress feel heavy due to its light weight on you.

taffeta cloth
taffeta cloth

The most popular types of taffeta are:

Taffeta Paper: It got its name because of its extremely thin nature, paper-like finish and light weight.

Lame taffeta: The fabric mostly features a subtle metallic sheen. The gauze fabrics create perfect folds and folds and are best suited for creating sculptural shapes.

Ombre Silk Taffeta: This type of taffeta fabric is designed with an ombre effect, where the colors flow from one to the other. Fabrics Ombre They are best suited for long skirts and maxi dresses where you can have fun changing the color.

Fil Coupé Taffeta They often have a jacquard design and shiny threads blended into the weave. The metallic coupe lends the canvas a glamorous sheen. This kind of soft, silky taffeta is styled into one of those stunning dresses, which are often seen on the fashion catwalks..

Double Faced Taffeta: This one looks great sewn into a funky two tone garment.

Moire taffeta: This kind of silk fabric that looks like a sea wave. This effect may be produced by weaving. The characteristic appearance of “water silk” can also be caused by passing the fabric through etched copper rollers..

Changeable Silk: It was called silk taffeta also known as “Changeant” Or “changeable taffeta”, this fabric has a rainbow luster due to the twisting that occurs in the colours.

Embroidered Taffeta: This gorgeous taffeta is meticulously embroidered with sutache, sequins, beads, and whatever the producer can imagine to use it for. This canvas may be more expensive but it is definitely worth it.


taffeta cloth
taffeta cloth


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