If you are traveling there.. 5 special gifts that can be bought for your loved ones from Al-Arish

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Al-Arish is one of the coastal cities that is characterized by its calm and comfortable atmosphere and its clear blue waters in the color of the sky, to which one can go for meditation and a sense of psychological comfort and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and although it is one of the tourist cities that vacationers resort to in the summer, it is It is one of the simple cities where you can spend a lot of time at the lowest cost, and the seventh day reviews some gifts that can be bought for relatives and friends when you decide to return to your governorate and your friends again, all in one place, which is the city of Arish.



The city of Al-Arish is famous for its distinctive olive trees, as it is grown depending on the water of natural wells, and it has a distinctive taste that is different from any other olive, distinguished by its size and quality, which does not include any principles or chemicals in its composition.

olive oil

Since Al-Arish is famous for cultivating the best types of olive trees, it has the best presses dedicated to its age and production of olive oil, which is available in three grades, the first and second are edible, and the third is for the cosmetics industry.

Al-Arish Beach
Al-Arish Beach

Araishi products

The people of Arish are distinguished by their distinctive products, such as embroidered dresses and kilims designated for spreading on the floor, on car seats, or even on home reception kits, whether spread or cornered, Arab promises, copper trays, and medallions embroidered with beads, in addition to the distinctive spices that are used in seasoning meat and birds. and rice.


Al-Arish is famous for its distinctive fig trees in its shape and small size, and it is like the rest of the plantations in Al-Arish. The farm is naturally grown, and if you need to be able to buy it and bring it back fresh, your loved ones will enjoy a delicious gift that has a distinctive taste and is rich in health benefits, or it can be bought dried.

Arish resort
Arish resort


One of the most famous fruits that Arish is famous for is dates, which are distinctive and different. It can be bought in its natural form. If you do not catch it in its season, you can buy it manufactured in the form of dates.



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