If you are thinking of trying silver hair… know how to choose the right shade

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When a woman likes to dye her hair, she chooses a new dark color, to make a new look and to hide any white strands that appear, which means the woman is getting old, but this trend has changed and it is easy to find women who show her natural silver hair color. A woman may dye her hair gray, white, or silver, regardless of age, as she may be young and her hair is still dark, but she wants to try the gray color how it looks on her, and there are methods by which one can choose the silver color for hair, regardless of its length or texture, according to the site “instyle“.

Before dyeing it, the texture of the hair must be taken into account so that it is not dyed and then appears coarse. For this reason, suitable products must be used for hair strands, to obtain some softness.

Short gray hair:

For women with short hair, it is possible to obtain gray hair, which gives a different dimension and depth, which is a mixture of bright silver color and quiet gray color, for an elegant look.

Soft short hair

Thick short hair:

There is another way to choose gray hair by coloring the thick short hair in gray, and making polished layers with a cut on the forehead to make the shape distinctive and attractive.

Thick short hair

Thick short hair

Natural short curly hair:

The natural gray color on the front of the head can be left shining in the curly hair to give a natural look while highlighting the gray and white color together, for a distinctive personal character.

Natural curly short hair

Natural curly short hair

Medium thin two-tone hair:

A double hair color can be obtained by combining two colors, which makes the hair more elegant and simple, by letting the silver hair grow at the top and applying a natural darker shade at the end of the hair strands to make an amazing and unconventional mix between the two colors.

Bicolor hair

Bicolor hair

Medium density pastel hair:

A subtle silver color can be added with a touch of soft pastels, to give a perfect and wonderful look in silver with a cooler undertone in harmony with nature.

Medium density hair
Medium density hair


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