Facebook brought them together.. A dog and his family reunited after an absence of more than 300 days. “Photos”

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A dog who was in a shelter and offered for adoption has been reunited with his family after nearly a year of separation thanks to a post on social media. The dog, “Josie”, was brought to the Austin Animal Center as a stray in June 2022. And the page “Mascotas de Austin” was published. In Spanish, on the center’s Facebook site, a picture of her as an adoptable dog last December, however, the image spread on Facebook, accompanied by the post, where the dog’s owners discovered it..

The dog celebrates his family

The dog’s owner didn’t expect to see her again

The dog’s owners were in Texas before they moved to Miami, Florida, and the dog’s owner said, “I never expected to see her again,” as a neighbor told the family that the dog, Josie, who was originally named Kardashian, had died.

The dog is reunited with his family
The dog is reunited with his family

The family immediately walked more than 20 hours to Austin to pick up the dog, and Josie was in the care of the Austin Animal Center for 301 days..

In turn, Luis Herrera, a public health educator at Austin Animal Center, said: “Josey the dog didn’t trust strangers while she was at the shelter, but the second she saw her family, she was all shaking and smiling.”


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