An amazing scene.. A turtle riding on the back of a crocodile in a pond in Florida, USA

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An amazing scene.. A turtle riding on the back of a crocodile in a pond in Florida, USA

For their part, officials at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission confirmed that the crocodile eats turtles and other prey that are abundant and easily accessible, so when Jeff saw the scene, he had to take a picture, according to the New York Post.

Jeff posted the photo on his Facebook page, commenting on it: “You know you are in Florida when you see a turtle riding on the back of a crocodile in a pond, as if it were riding a horse.” Jeff said the turtle eventually jumped off the back of the 10-foot crocodile.

Turtle on the back of a crocodile

Crocodile wandering the streets of Florida

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the US police caught – earlier – a huge crocodile, which was loitering in a Florida street, and the Tampa Police Department dealt with “the crocodile like any other suspect”, and the officers appeared in the video, while one of them says: “Tie His front legs together, behind his back, as if you were handcuffing him, and then you would do the same thing with his hind legs, according to the British New York Post..

During the policemen’s adventure to control the predator, two officers grabbed the animal, while another tied a rope around the crocodile’s mouth, covered his eyes with a towel and tied his mouth with adhesive tape.

In another context, an American man living in Florida was sitting in his house watching TV when he heard the sound of something hitting the main door of his house, and Scott Hollingsworth (56 years), who lives in Daytona Beach, Florida, said that after he heard the sound he jumped from his place and headed to the door.

As soon as the man left the door of his house, he was surprised by a crocodile that bit one of his legs, and Scott was taken to the hospital, where he received treatment for injuries that local media said were not life-threatening..

The wildlife authorities confirmed that the incident occurred in early March, and said that they had sent a hunter to the house in order to catch and kill the crocodile, knowing that the length of the crocodile was 2.7 meters..

The state of Florida is home to about 1.3 million alligators, spread over its 67 counties, and the authorities state that they routinely kill “annoying alligators”, which are about 1.2 meters or more in length, because they threaten human lives.


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