6 things to keep out of your bedroom to preserve your mental health.. including a mobile charger

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The bedroom is the place that should provide comfort, relaxation, and calm after a busy and tiring day. It is one of the most important places in the house to maintain the psychological and physical health of the individual. When we have a comfortable and appropriate bedroom, we can get a good and deep sleep, and this positively affects our health. our general mood.

But despite that, some people also do not feel comfortable, either physically or psychologically, in the bedroom. It is possible that you store unnecessary things in your room, so the seventh day reviews the things that should not be found in your bedroom to maintain your mental health, according to what posted by “bhg“.

Chaos chair

There are many bedrooms in which there is a chair in order to sit on it in front of the mirror to do the daily routine, or to prepare for going out, but with the passage of time this chair becomes dedicated to collecting clutter from clothes, papers, bags, or laundry, so you must get rid of the chaos of this chair immediately and replace it with putting everything Something in its designated place, and if you need a chair, you must make sure that it is clean first so that it does not become a source of fatigue and psychological pressure without you knowing whenever you look at it.


The mattress is not comfortable

If your pillows are sagging or the sheets have become shabby, it is time to get rid of them, because they retain the same negative energy that surrounds them even if they have been renewed, so replacing them with new ones is the best solution.

Clothes and shoes

You have to get rid of clothes or anything that no longer suits you or that you no longer wear. The presence of chaos can prevent you from relaxing in the room. An organized space makes you more comfortable and relaxed. As for shoes and accessories, if you do not allocate a specific place for them, then the bedroom is not their place, and you should think In alternative ways to store your shoes, accessories should not be left scattered in the room, as placing them in a tidy and organized manner makes them more comfortable.

Uncomfortable bedroom
Uncomfortable bedroom


There are those who resort to finishing their work before going to sleep and leaving their papers next to them, which makes those papers accumulate day after day, and this is what turns your bedroom into an office room that makes you not take the comfort of sleeping and getting enough rest.

exercise equipment

Large machines such as a stationary bike or a treadmill take up a lot of space, in addition to just looking at them, they give a signal to the brain with movement and activity, and this is the opposite of the comfort desired from the bedroom.

Mess chair
Mess chair

Mobile charger

The presence of a mobile charger or any charger in general, especially with a light that carries a lamp that always emits light, may cause you insomnia and tension during your sleep, but it can make your energy unstable throughout the night.


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