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Discover interesting historical sites on the Saudi-Jordanian border

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publish date 2023-04-30 19:46:16

Researchers from the British University of Oxford discovered historical sites and Roman forts dating back hundreds of years located in southeastern Jordan on the border with Saudi Arabia. .

These camps are an amazing new discovery that may be important evidence of the Roman campaigns in the Arabian Peninsula, according to what was reported by the Arab Weather.

The research team, which identified historical sites using satellite images, said that they discovered three forts built by the Roman army as part of a Roman military campaign to seize the Nabataean kingdom in 106 AD, stressing that their construction was amazing given that they would only use them for days or weeks.

The expert in ancient Roman military affairs, Mike Bishop, explained that these forts were extending from the castle of Qasr Pierre in Jordan, in the direction of what is now called the city of Dumat al-Jandal in Saudi Arabia, which means that the Romans were trying to circumvent the road known at that time through Wadi Sirhan in Saudi Arabia. .

Perhaps this revelation indicates that the Roman takeover of the Nabatean kingdom, after the death of its last king, Rabbi Deel II, nicknamed “Soter” in 106 AD, did not come peacefully, as stated in Roman history.

The Nabataean kingdom flourished in the north of the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in Saudi Arabia and Jordan around the now famous city of Petra.

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