What does the artist do when he falls on stage in front of the audience?.. An etiquette expert answers

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The artist, whether a singer or an actor, sometimes falls to the ground in front of a group of audience when performing on stage, which causes him to feel embarrassed, which may sometimes lead him to act in the wrong way to bypass the situation to be held accountable for that by the audience later, by criticizing him in a harsh manner. on social networking sites.

Falling on stage

Regarding the appropriate behavior that the artist must follow when falling to the ground in front of the audience, etiquette expert Amal Afifi told “The Seventh Day”: “When an artist falls in front of the audience while performing a play or singing, he must stand up immediately after his fall, and smile at his audience with a smile. Nice, and completes the performance as if nothing had happened.

Another image
Another image

And when a part of the clothes the artist was wearing was cut, locks of hair were scattered, or the heel of the shoe was broken, the etiquette expert in this case advised the artist or artist to go to his room to fix what was spoiled in his appearance and return again on stage to complete his work as if nothing had happened. has not been.

Madonna falling on stage
Madonna falling on stage

When the artist falls on stage, he may be exposed to a sarcastic comment from one of the audience sitting to watch him, or a sarcastic comment on a video clip recorded of him the moment he fell and spread on social networking sites, or sent to the private page of the artist or artist who was exposed to this situation. The etiquette expert advised that the artist should He remains silent in this case and does not comment negatively or positively.

The etiquette expert indicated that hunting for other people’s mistakes or embarrassing situations is wrong behavior that must be stopped, and modified by the family, which must raise its children on morals, values, and respect for others, and avoid embarrassing them and hunting for embarrassing situations for them, as happens on social media.


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