Tips to follow on the day of the exam.. so that you can answer well without worrying

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The student feels nervous and anxious when going to the exam, and the matter may continue with him for a period of time, which negatively affects his answers to the questions.student. unsw“.

Tips to follow on the day of the exam

Get rid of the panic

When taking the test, it is okay for the student to feel nervous, but he must control his feelings, get rid of panic and tension, and try to calm down so that he can remember the answers.

Take exams

eat the food

The student may feel stressed, tired, hungry, and lose focus, due to hunger, so he must eat before going for the exam, drink water, and read the questions very carefully.

Read all questions

The student must read the questions well and understand what is asked of him, before answering them, and search for keywords in the questions, which help him to answer.


Answer the easy questions

The student must answer the easy questions before the difficult ones, in order to leave enough time for himself to answer the difficult questions.

Take the exam
Take the exam

The answer clearly

The student must answer the questions clearly so that he can communicate the answer he intended and the corrector understands what the student means.

exam night

Before going to the exam, the student must study the material well, review it, and conduct home tests for himself, while preparing notes on the material and getting enough sleep, so that he can focus. In the morning, the student must eat breakfast, take everything he needs and go to the exam before His appointment is sufficient time to help him review the material before the exam.


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