The wedding of Mohamed Fathi Al-Afifi and Nora Abdel-Akher

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publish date 1970-01-01 03:00:00

Today, the marriage and wedding of Muhammad, the son of Dr. Fathi Al-Afifi, Professor of Modern History at the Faculty of Graduate Asian Studies, Zagazig University, took place on Nora Abdel Akher.

And the honorable former Grand Mufti of the Republic, Dr. Ali Gomaa, head of the Religious Committee in the House of Representatives, conducted the Qur’an, in the presence of Ed. Hoda Darwish, former dean of the Faculty of Higher Asian Studies, Zagazig University, Professor and Head of the Department of Religions, Marwa Al-Muhailami, Dr. Ahmed Gomaa, Economic Adviser to the President of Zagazig University, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Adl, Professor of Turkish Language at the Faculty of Graduate Asian Studies, and the journalist Dr. Hazem Abu Al-Saud on Egyptian TV. Dr. and Dr. Muhammad Tharwat.

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