Summer is near.. Learn how to choose the right type of fan to cool your home

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Fans are considered one of the most suitable electrical devices that cool the place and renew the air without consuming a lot of electricity, as the fans move the air very efficiently, as the plastic covers use the air around the tip of the blades to rotate outside the blades, instead of pushing this air forward, which results in More air for the same pulling power There are many shapes and sizes and we show you according to what was stated on the cviconcepts website

New fans

Tower fans:

Tower fans are a narrow and tall type of fan, ideal for a small room due to their space-saving design or compact design, and they also come with new features like built-in ionizers that help purify the air. The tower fan stands between 30 and 40 inches tall so you can place a tower fan On the corner and a small narrow space so that it doesn’t get in the way of people moving around.

Stand fans

These pedestal fans are very similar to tower fans and have a lightweight stand but they consist of a long stand for fans so they are referred to as a “stand fan” and are mostly suitable for medium sized rooms. This fan helps to ventilate a very large area of ​​a room. Pedestal fans feature a range of 3 to 5 blades or blades within a tight cage held by a long, sturdy base; which are generally supported by a heavier disk that helps balance them and prevent them from falling over.

But this fan is not suitable for a small room; Moreover, it is not well suited for families with young children because children can put their fingers in the fan while it is running.

desk fan

This table fan can be further divided into two types which are traditional desk fan or capable fan and air circulator, desk fan generally has blades and diameter ranges from 6 to 12 inches and these fans have standard 3 speed option and corded electric too.

A table fan is suitable for a medium-sized room, and they are powerful desktop fans, sometimes called high-velocity desktop fans, and this fan is slightly more spacious compared to traditional desk fans, and is ideal for small, compact and humid office environments. These types of fans cool an entire room even in the off-season Warm, and ideally used with the air conditioning unit as a cool air circulation.

exhaust fans

It is called an exhaust fan, but it differs from other types of fans because the main purpose of this exhaust fan is to prevent the accumulation of excessive heat and not to circulate the air in the entire area. Other parts of the house such as the bedroom, kitchen, basement and loft area.

A common fixture in a bathroom that has a high level of excessive humidity can cause the mirror to fog up in this case the exhaust types from the fan can prevent damage to wood and other materials in the home and also in terms of healthy humidity can accelerate mold growth .

Bladeless fan

The bladeless fan as the name suggests is a completely modern, bladeless device that comes with an elongated hollow collar that looks like an antenna.

This hollow ring consists of a powerful extraction motor that helps suck in air and create a strong air stream, inside the vacuum reverse ring amplifies the speed of that air up to 18 times and expels it out. Inside the hollow ring as a filtration system and ionizing system, this will help your home stay outdoors, but it is a more spacious type of fan compared to other blade fans.

wall fans

A wall mounted fan is an ideal choice for a small house where open floor space is limited, mostly used in offices, halls and warehouses sometimes called a simple wall fan These types of wall mounted fans are generally drilled near a pole or a wall, making it immobile also a solution Great as a floor space saver. Drilling points, and it also has a powerful motor. This type of propeller is located in the corner area.

Nowadays most wall mounted fans come with a remote control, this allows the oscillator function to be regulated.

New fans
New fans

fan shapes
fan shapes


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