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The summer season came with summer weather such as the refreshing sea, picnics, vacations, and the heat of the weather that colors the skin, which makes wearing sunscreen a necessity and very important. The girl may not know how to apply sunscreen in the proper way that protects her skin from the harsh heat of the sun and from the damage of the ultraviolet rays of the sun, so as not to affect her negatively.

And according to the siteinstyleWhen applying sunscreen or protection factor to the skin, it must be applied in a small amount sufficient to cover the skin, and there are some areas that are commonly missed by everyone, such as the hairline, the neck, the top of the ear and the back of the hand, when heading to the beach, with Don’t forget to cover the foot and bottom of the foot.

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When should sunscreen be applied to the skin?

Sunscreen should be applied every two hours to the face and body, especially if you spend time outdoors. When swimming and showering, another layer must be applied directly, because the water may have removed most of the sunscreen from it.

How should I use spray sunscreen?

Sunscreen sprays are convenient, but the amount of spray of sunscreen that reaches the skin may be difficult to see with the naked eye, and it must be sprayed evenly until the skin is covered to obtain a uniform shine for the skin and in an airless place.

And care must be taken not to accidentally inhale sunscreen, and breath can be held while applying sunscreen to the skin.

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Sunscreen (3)

How much sun protection factor do we need?

The sun protection factor SPF Which symbolizes the sun protection factor, to the amount of ultraviolet radiation required to cause sunburn on the skin, such as the amount of protection factor that was applied to the skin in exchange for the amount of solar energy needed to produce sunburn on the skin, which means that the higher the care factor, the higher It was in higher protection from sunburn.

The peak exposure to the sun is from 10 to 2 pm during the day, making sure to wear sunscreen and clothing to protect from the sun’s rays.

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Sunscreen (2)


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