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The orange color is bright and cheerful and gives vitality to the place, like the home decor that gives happiness, and the orange color has many different shades, such as the burning orange and dark tangerine. The orange color can be used in the bedroom, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen, to make the place bright and far from any boredom and feeling of boredom, and there are some colors that are appropriate for the orange color when choosing decorations, which gives a lot of inspiration, according to the site “thespruce“.

Orange, navy and green colour

Orange, navy, and green can be combined by making a quiet green and marine wallpaper, to make the place lively and give a dose of high activity.

Orange, navy and green

Orange with red

In this way, the orange color can be paired with another bright and warm color, such as the red color, by mixing the two colors by placing an orange pillow with a red patterned carpet and the warm colors of the wooden floors to give an unpretentious touch of sophistication.

orange and red

orange and red

Orange, yellow and blue colour

To create a lovely mix with colors, these colors can be mixed for lovers of bold colors. You can choose colors for the bedroom with the wonderful wallpaper of an orange character, paired with bold blue and yellow, in the room, to create an integration for a non-traditional and new look, and it gives a modern and contemporary look.

Orange, yellow and blue

Orange, yellow and blue

Orange with mustard and dark turquoise

To create new decorations, orange can be used with mustard and dark turquoise in kitchen decor, by designing mustard yellow cabinets, dark blue tiles, and acid orange dining chairs.

orange and mustard

orange and mustard

Orange and white colour

Whoever wants to choose a lively and vibrant color can choose orange for a children’s bedroom and combine different shades of orange throughout the space, use white in the wall and combine pastel and tangerine for a cheerful room.

Orange and white
Orange and white


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