Display 230 classic cars for sale at auction next month in the Netherlands

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The Classic Car House is organizing an auction next month for the sale of 230 old classic cars, which were found in some warehouses and an abandoned church in the Netherlands. The collection of classic cars, believed to be worth millions of dollars, belonged to 82-year-old businessman Ad Balmain, who He started collecting cars 40 years ago.

The organizers of the auction revealed that, due to the businessman’s health, he could no longer keep the vehicles, so the “Gallery Aldering” car trade company, run by Niko and Nick Aldering, bought the classic fleet for an undisclosed amount, according to the website. CNN Arabic.

Classic cars for sale

The auction will be organized in the Netherlands next May

The collection will be on display in the Netherlands from May 19, as part of an auction organized by Gallery Aldering andClassic Car Auctions“The Barnfind Collection is a truly unique opportunity for car enthusiasts and collectors around the world to expand their collections,” Nico and Nick Aldering said in a statement.

“The Balmain collection, which includes a white Mercedes 300S, a blue Ferrari 365 and an Alfa Romeo Spider,” said Carlo T. Lintello, Head of Marketing at Gallery Aldering. A closely guarded secret until a fire broke out in one of the largest warehouses last year, and the rapid response of firefighters saved the vehicles.

The collection of cars offered in the auction
The collection of cars offered in the auction

“These cars are in great condition and are very diverse, and what we often see is people focusing on one brand when collecting cars, like Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, or BMW,” said T. Lintello. “And Balmain doesn’t just collect expensive or exclusive cars. He bought everything he considered beautiful.

“We have hundreds of questions about why he started assembling them,” T. Lintello explained. “There’s a lot of mystery about cars because he can’t answer (the questions), it’s very sad.” But T. Lintello believes that cars were Walmen’s passion. He “lived in the warehouse not fancy, cars were his life”, and the collection is named after him in his honour.


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