Different shapes of women’s sandals to wear in the summer

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In the summer, the closed shoe is left most of the time because it restricts movement, and women tend to wear sandals, which are suitable for any time during the summer, to feel freedom, fun, and release. The girl may prefer to wear sandals for the appearance of the foot and the nails that she cares about and the pedicure, and the sandal is easy to wear, comfortable and practical, and there are different shapes of sandals that can be chosen from, according to the “blingsparkle“.

Roman sandal:

This women’s summer sandal is popularly known as the Roman style sandal, with super natural straps, and it makes the foot comfortable to the maximum degree and elegant at the same time, and it can be worn in new places such as college and daily wear, and it does not require sandaling to be attached to the whole foot, and this sandal is modern and flat and fits every girl.

Gladiator sandals

Jelly sandals:

This sandal is inspired by the nineties, and it is inexpensive, because it consists of a semi-transparent plastic material, and it has returned after a strong absence, and the appropriate sandal must be chosen so that the foot does not get any blisters, and it is suitable for the summer because it is water resistant, and it is possible to exercise with it easily.

Transparent sandals

Transparent sandals

rope sandal:

This type of sandals is one of the oldest types known to man, and for those who like to wear environmentally friendly shoes, this is ideal for that, and most of these sandals are made of recyclable materials with the possibility of washing it in the washing machine and to make the foot feel more comfortable, with an elegant appearance distinct.

rope sandal

rope sandal

waterproof sandals:

You must have a sandal in the summer to wear it when you go to the pool or the sea, as it is highly water resistant, and it can be washed to return to how it was, and it has an adjustable ankle strap and has many bright colors that suit the summer season, and it matches all types of clothes.

Waterproof sandal

Waterproof sandal


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